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Covered by Stephen Choo, a two part series explaining on the topic of Art Investment featuring Mr. Lum Hoong Sheng and Mr. Lum Peng Cheong is now available on Facebook and YouTube.

The two part series are highly informative for individuals who have just started on their journey of Art Collection. The fun videos showcased some of the works of well known local artists as well as touched on knowledge of the Art market and the Malaysian Art scene. It aims to educate the wider public in understanding the art world and its investment opportunities.

Click on the link below to watch Part 1 now!

The sense of ownership of each artwork is at unique as there’s no artwork that is identical. Adding on, owning artwork is a way to diversify your portfolio. Owning something that appreciates in value and where you can enjoy it at the same time is indeed a very exciting idea.

Contact us now to own your first piece of artwork!


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