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[Repost] A feature by @MalaysianAdvanced Photographer. Thank you for the support!

Malaysian Success Story

A Father and Son and Daughter took Malaysian artists in Hong Kong art scene.. 7th episode 'I am an Artist, I talk Art'

Interview :

TAPG was founded in 2015 to bring the best of Malaysia's fine art in focus and in reach of art lovers at home and abroad. Our goal is to become a leading contemporary art gallery that connects local and international artists, collectors and art enthusiasts through exhibitions, events and art talks. Through TAPG, we hope to promote a deeper understanding, awareness and appreciation for Malaysian art, artists and culture. In August 2018, TAPG opened a sister gallery in Hong Kong.

TAPG's founder and CEO Lum Peng Cheong had been collecting art privately over many years before starting the gallery in 2015. He is an experienced art dealer and consultant in the market. His extensive experience is developed by his ongoing engagement with local established and up-and-coming artists, interaction with international auction houses, gallery and art exhibitions around the world.

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