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Nanyang Newspaper-(21/2/2017)

Thank you Nanyang Siang Pau (NSP) for featuring TAPG on 21/2/2017, headlined "TAPG's coming biggest art exhibition".

Reporter from the respected NSP gave a "WOW" expression on the enormous participation of 80 artists comprising 160 masterpieces by famous, established and emerging juniors artists showcasing in TAPG. The reporter also acknowledged this rare and unique occasion that is challenging for TAPG. Hence, an event ought not to be missed!

The article mentioned "In spite of TAPG only founded in September 2015, 1st Wave was launched in conjunction with the gallery 7000sqf space opening in Bandar Bukit Raja, Klang. Subsequently in 2016, another 4 more successful exhibits. 2nd Wave is the 1st in 2017.

Within such a short period of 2 years, TAPG successfully held 5 shows with the upcoming exhibits being an enormous and challenging task, filled with great effort, spirit and dedication.

Come and join us to witness these great work by our artists on 25/2/16, 3pm at TAPG!"

Thank you again Nanyang Siang Pau for featuring us

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