Current Show

Over the US Labor Day weekend, the Hamptons Virtual Art Fair will open with over 1,300 pieces of artwork on sale, ranging from European Impressionism, Surrealism, American to Post-War and Contemporary. We are delighted to debut the Discovering Malaysia Contemporary Art Exhibition at the 2020 Hampton Virtual Art Fair - Thanks to the cutting edge digital tools and applications. Our collectors are able to view our artists work as close to a physical fair as it gets in this immersive fair - using Virtual Reality (VR) video technology.

Curated by The Art People Gallery, the exhibition will set the stage for the vibrant art community in Hampton and the wider regions to discover Malaysia's creative talents. Anchoring the virtual show will be our respected residence artists Marisa Ridzuan Ng, Mark Lee, Nicholas Choong, Lisa Wong Sook Kuan. The exhibition will showcase the country's diversity in contemporary art practices, inspired by the artist's way of life, cultural influence and desire. While learning the essence of both eastern and western culture and their contemporary ideas, the richness of Malaysia's cultural environment is contributed by every artist here with a strong sense of emotions and expressions.  

We take great pleasure to invite you to view the works on 2 - 7 September along with other participating galleries. 

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