About Agnes Lau 

Lau Pik Yoke (Agnes) is a multidisciplinary artist working with various mediums and materials. She was born in 1990, in Kuala Lumpur and has always been fascinated by how the art-making processes helped her in silencing the chaotic state of mind. This is what led her to create pieces with repetitive and meditative actions. Agnes's interest in art was encouraged by her family since early childhood and further developed when she took her diploma in Graphic Design (2008-2011) and Fine Art (2013-2015); both from Dasein Academy of Art. After completing her studies, Agnes delved into her art practice which involved the search of harmony in everyday life. The ordinary yet ignored objects or activi ... 


About the artwork

Agnes Lau's work lies between systematic and non-systematic processes produced within a determined time and space. Incorporating both the conscious and unconscious mind, she allows various forms to take place in her work. Her work has been exhibited widely in local galleries in Malaysia. 

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  • H 44.5 cm x W 32.5 cm x D 2 cm


    Original, Framed


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