About Joy Ng 

Joy Ng is an emerging artist who was born in 1996. She graduated from Dasein Academy of Art in 2016 with a Diploma in Fine Art. Fascinated by the complexity of human emotions and vulnerability, Joy seeks to make a connection with the audience through her sensitivity and sensibility. She primarily paints figures and portrays humans in their deepest emotions. She uses bright palettes and tonal contrast to reflect the different states of the mind and various states of being. Joy lives and works in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. After graduating, she taught art at an international school in Klang Valley. She has also participated in a number of competitions, such as Vision Petron National Art Competit ... 


About the artwork

Joy Ng is drawn to the complexity of human emotions, her artwork revolves on the exploration of the inner universe; memories, sentiments, traumatic events & self-consciousness. She is fascinated at the way these emotions influence our actions and decisions in our daily life. She aims to capture the fleeting moment of intense emotions, experiences, narratives and recreate it with her own interpretations. She primarily paints figures and portrays human in their deepest emotions. She pictures her subjects against a semi-abstract background. Using bright palettes, tonal contrast and expressive strokes, the different states of mind and various states of being are reflected. Through this, she hopes to create a connection with the audience, to evoke certain memories and emotion.


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  • H 76.5 cm x W 60 cm x D 3.5 cm


    Original, Framed


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