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About Nicholas Choong 

Nicholas Choong’s style can best be described as colourful and traditional, with a contemporary flair. His work borders on semi-realism and has been revered for his work with light and shadows. His favourite subjects are landscapes and portraits, but he occasionally uses mixed media and experiments with various drawing tools to create different works of art. Presently, Nicholas spends his time painting abstracts. His technique, language and expression are easily noticeable in his large washes, jagged cuts, contrast and play of colours on the canvas. In his traditional paintings, Nicholas works in a series-based format and is known for his strong ink and line work. 


About the artwork

Original painting

KL in Blue Grey

SKU: 217537123517253
  • H 76 cm x W 101 cm x D 2.5 cm


    Original, Unframed


    Prices in GBP

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