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The things that are arranged in our home are at first glance a collection of inanimate objects, but as we spend more time living with them, they appear to have their own will. These moments when we silently observe our own spaces allow us to wonder what they, the objects themselves, could be thinking about... What does the north window dream of. Where does my cloth hanger wish to be? Who does the rice bowl want to have dinner with? These thoughts seem to be recognized in the relationships that happen between the ones living in the house with the objects. In this series, I tried to capture the life of the objects that exist at home, their expressions and daydreams.


I often explore these ideas in my ceramic work, especially when I make ceramics that are meant to be used in a daily context. This series was the first time I have expressed them in drawings, and they came together once I allowed myself to approach the work in a sculptural way. The experience of applying graphite on washi felt similar to carving in soft stone. The longer I worked, my hands became more and more sensitive to the pressure in each stroke. The final pieces helped me realize it was important that the frames which held the drawings were also considered, therefore they are carefully handcrafted in local oak wood. 


I hope my work can invite the viewer to create their own personal narratives with the objects in their home.

-Marina Kawata

















About The Artist

Kawata grew up on the West Coast of California although her family was from Japan. As she was trying to make sense of her interest in art and difference between both her cultures, she heard about a small craft school Capellagården on a beautiful island to the east of Sweden. She decided to move there to study ceramics. She then decided to continue her studies and took up masters at the University of Gothenburg HDK where she continued her work as a ceramic artist there.

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