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The Mid Autumn full moon represents family unity and joy in the Chinese culture. We are honoured to be the first collaborator with Four Points by Sheraton to bring a solo show of 8 works by Lisa Wong Sook Kuan, inspired by the celebration of The Mid Autumn Festival. Beyond just an art exhibition, we present along with Lady Yi’s Tea House of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, a Luxuriant Luminescence of 4 classic mooncakes encased in an intricately-designed elegant luxuriant jewellery box, complemented by Lisa Wong Sook Kuan’s intricate artwork design. Bring your family, friends and loved ones during the showcase to enjoy Lisa Wong Sook Kuan’s stunning arrays of Abundance inspired paintings and take home with you these delicious mooncakes in these stunning gift boxes. To those celebrating, we wish you all a Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!



Get a chance to see Malaysian artist @marisarng’s work alongside with other Asian brand partners at the physical pop-up ‘store takeover’ hosted by and @taipingcarpets 
Thank you for highlighting us and our artist’s work.

The Pop Up will be open to public starting this Saturday, July 23. Do visit and take a look at the unique offerings from Vermillion’s Asian portfolio and Tai Ping's exquisite carpets. 


July 23 - August 3, 2022⁠
Mon to Sat, 10AM to 7PM⁠
213 Prince's Building, Central, Hong Kong

INVITATION TO VIEW : 3D Art Moments Jakarta Online 3

We are excited to announce our participation in the Art Moments Jakarta Online 3 2022.
The 3D virtual art exhibition is hosting 52 Galleries with more than 1200 works online and we are proud to be featuring 22 works from 19 artists.

Click on the link below to view the artwork now till 31st August. 

Final Poster for website.png

New Artist In Partnership - Ketut Adi Candra

Presenting  Ketut Adi Candra, Artist based in Bali, Indonesia.

Focusing on Contemporary Abstract Expressionism, He feels that we humans at current times have lost our connection with our spirituality, and that our society prioritizes materialistic gains rather than harmony and balance of life. His artworks aim to inspire people of the importance of the spiritual aspects of life.


"Art becomes Nutrient for the Mind, revives the dead, gives life, infuses life and gives Spirit to the abstract and opens the eyes and heart wider."

Ketut Adi Candra.jpg

Refer to Ketut’s work on the artwork page for more detail.


Appointments are available for private viewing in the Malaysian gallery.


For more information and enquiries

Debuting Azhar Kamaruddin AKA Captain Jack

Azhar Kamaruddin AKA Captain Jack established a reputation as a passionate master model ship maker in Malaysia. Being a dedicated full time ship-maker over the past 20 years, he had spent years mastering and honing the skills of carpentry, sewing, engineering and architecture and . His magnificent works usually are based on real ships from the past, extensive research for every project is seen by the level of intricacies and details in each of his works which mostly consists of exoctic woods such as the Meranti, Jati wood.

The Baochuan (宝船), a ship belonging to the Chinese Treasure fleet from the early 15th century that sailed alongside Admiral Cheng Ho and The HMS Victory, a ship of the British Royal Navy 🇬🇧  from the late 18th century are currently being displayed at our Malaysian Gallery. Do drop by to admire the craftsmanship and the beautifully detailed model ships by making an appointment with us. We look forward to receiving you at the gallery. 


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