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Opens Tomorrow
Vermillion at FIND Design Fair Asia

We partnered with Vermillion Lifestyle to have Fauzul Yusri's artwork to be featured in the FIND Design Fair Asia at Marina Bay Sands Convention Center, Singapore

September 22 - 24, 2022

10 AM - 5 PM

Booth N22

Register to See Fauzul Yusri's work in Singapore!

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Artist Spotlight

Amy Hashim_edited.jpg

Amy Hashim

Amy Hashim (b. 1971) is a full-time mother artist, Her career as an artist started in her teen years when she sold her first piece of art. Growing up in Kota Bharu, she got her artistic influence from local artists who would paint on the 1st floor of her parents house, watching them paint at a young age sparked her interest in painting. The house, facing the South China Sea influenced a lot of her work. 

Amy paints on traditional and digital mediums, and is also known to reproduce art on silk scarves. Her style leans towards Contemporary Abstract Impressionism, her subject matter is mostly landscapes, Noticeable in her brushstrokes, Amy utilises Impasto, a technique of depicting objects with thick and short brush strokes that are visible and stand out of the surface. 


Afi Sulaiman

An illustrator and writer, Afi Sulaiman initially gained attention in the Local Arts Community in 2019 as part of Balai Seni Negara's Your Art Entrepreneur program. The 26-year-old has a contagious smile that is mirrored in her vivid paintings. 

The Malaysian educational system had a significant impact on Afi Sulaiman's previous art education, which was mainly dependent on ten years of painting instruction. She started learning about the artists she adored and used their work as inspiration as she experimented with paper and digital collages as well as mixed media. 

Currently On View

Lisa luxuriant.JPG

The Art People Gallery x Four Points, by Sheraton

Kuala Lumpur Chinatown Malaysia

We are honored to be the first collaborator with Four Points by Sheraton to bring a solo show of 8 works by Lisa Wong Sook Kuan, inspired by the celebration of The Mid Autumn Festival. Beyond just an art exhibition, we present along with Lady Yi’s Tea House of Four Points by Sheraton Kuala Lumpur, a Luxuriant Luminescence of 4 classic mooncakes encased in an intricately-designed elegant luxuriant jewelry box, complemented by Lisa Wong Sook Kuan’s intricate artwork design. Bring your family, friends & loved ones during the showcase to enjoy Lisa Wong Sook Kuan’s stunning arrays of Abundance inspired paintings & take home with you these delicious mooncakes in these stunning gift boxes.


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