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#Art Convene 2021

Art Convene opens tomorrow! Art Convene’s four-day Weekend Art Trail starting from 1 - 4 April will be the perfect weekend leisure for family activity that brings the community together to revel in the beautiful masterpieces on display. Art Convene, an art association and visual art collective gathers a number of reputable art galleries in the Petaling Jaya vicinity, namely the Purplehouz Fine Arts Gallery, The Art People Gallery (TAPG), Artas Galeri, WL Framing & Art, Kings Hall Café In A Box and Tiny Rose Gallery to participate in this art trail. Trail explorers will be able to get a glimpse of Malaysia’s contemporary art realm at distinct.


The Art People Gallery pop up show at Tiny Rose Gallery will be debuting artist Lisa Wong’s latest collection of To Each Their Own where you can enjoy her 7 of her works on display.


Visit No. 151 Jalan 5/42, Bukit Gasing, 46100

Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia from 1 -4 April 2021.


Art Convene Brochure


The Art People Gallery celebrates this upcoming International Women’s Day with the opening of the virtual exhibition To Each Their Own. To Each Their Own offers three perspectives and definitions of what a Home means. Jaech, Kawata, and Wong; friends who all attended the California College of the Arts, now reunited through a virtual space. Each of the artists hail from vastly different international backgrounds; yet find common ground with using their art as a voice, female expression, and the universal quarantine experience we face worldwide today. To Each Their Own is a collaboration of 3 innovative young women sharing their interpretations of what a home is – a unique place of connotation, ranging from comfort to ennui to imprisonment to solace.

What is To Each Their Own?


San Francisco Bay Area, 2013. It was in this time and place where the artists Lisa Jaech, Marina Kawata, and Lisa Wong Sook Kuan met. All three attended the California College of the Arts, hailing from three very different backgrounds and influences. Wong and Kawata were students from the illustration department (although neither ended up practicing) and Jaech was in animation.  Through this period of time of shared experiences, up and downs, inside jokes and home-cooked food, these three artists were able to reunite years later, in a sense, through art (and video call) in the pandemic years of 2020 and 2021. As of the present, the three artists are currently quarantining in three different countries :the United States, Sweden, and Malaysia - as “socially distanced” as they could be from each other. Yet, through the exploration of their own homes, other’s quarantine spaces, and internal and external struggles,  the idea of To Each Their Own was materialised. 


What does To Each Their Own represent as an exhibition? In such crazy, unforeseen circumstances that have swept the globe, the quarantine has forced all of us to be confined to our homes. Home is a word that can both comfort and disturb, provide sanctuary and imprison, and relax and tense the individual. Home is something that is so tied to an individual’s perception of it that the definition can wildly change from person-to-person. To Each Their Own aims to provide three distinctly personal definitions of what the home means to three different artists. Through the pandemic, all three artists shared a variety of emotional and physical states that emerge from a time spent long at home – feelings of frustrations, of loneliness, of ennui, the urge to create, to share, to seek comfort. As humans, regardless of where we are, all share the pandemic experience of being at home more than we ever have been. To Each Their Own is a sense, a salve - a means of looking into the homes of others, and perhaps a break from our own.