Charlotte Donvang

The Malaysian based Danish artist Charlotte Donvang is
more than a continuously developing painter. She is an
energetic artist, visionary, a dreamer, a healer, spiritual
being and life artiste.Charlotte, art is an expression of the most fundamental and basic in life: energy. While believing that everything ultimately can be translated into energy vibrations she uses her psychic capabilities to
translate these universal energies into dierent languages
that might be easier for us human beings to understand:
colour, shape, form and words. She also works with music,
song and movement as ways of expression and as part of
her art. Charlotte has the ability to create 3-dimensional
paintings which are best enjoyed with 3D glasses.
Charlotte looks at the essence of life in general while
encouraging us to look into our and question ourselves
about the way we see life as well as our worldview. Her
vision is to inspire and encourage conscious living and to empower people to live a life truthful to themselves.


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