Hailing from the her BiSingai background of Kampung Tanjong Poting, June has been painting since the tender age of 5 and seeks to be the successor of her late father’s whole life’s work and passion: creative art.

As the youngest daughter of the beloved late Raphael Scott AhBeng, June takes after her father in having an overimaginative mind since young and converts it into spectacular works of abstract art. By taking inspirations from nature, especially the rare flora and fauna that are inhabiting the island of Borneo, she is able to craft intricate patterns and rhythms that resonate back with the exquisite species found locally.


Aside from the whimsical elements of nature which occupies her canvases, June adds her own flair and personality by adding a little surprise within each painting: HER SIGNATURE - A STILLETTO . The juxtaposition of the stiletto among the foliage of natural elements hides in plain sight; seemingly like a fun mini easter egg hunt for the viewer. She adds that the heels symbolize her views on play and leisure, believing that life should always be full of pretty things and bountiful happiness.

June gives viewers a glimpse into her mind by bringing her paintings to life with bursting bright colours and playful strokes. Vines and foliage abundantly adorn the canvas and blend seamlessly with other elements brought into the artwork. She mainly specializes in acrylic paint, while also being able to use other mediums and media if she chooses such as ink and watercolour.

Over the several years, June has already been exclusively tasked to paint for private and corporate art collectors locally in Malaysia,Brunei, Singapore, China, Australia and United Arab Emirates (UAE).

 Despite the whimsical childlike subjects, her works exhibit a more sophisticated and mature painting style. Aesthetically pleasing and emotionally appealing to both children and adults, her works undoubtedly invite curious eyes in.

“I've been creating art since my early childhood. I started painting tiny pictures because it was handy during my travelling days with watercolours and acrylics and soon discovered that I liked to create textured art paintings on large size canvases. My creative process is not easy. It's not just splashing paint to make a nice piece of artwork to hang it on a wall - for me, there's more to it than just paint, brushes, knives, solvents and canvas.


Each one of my paintings has a story behind it. They're part of my dreams, hopes for tomorrow, memories from yesterday, and dreams of the future. When I'm in front of the easel, I release a substantial amount of passion, emotion and energy on each art piece I’m working on. When you are buying one of my paintings, it comes with a little piece of my soul in it.”