Ismadi Sallehuddin

An artist from Raub, Pahang with over 20 years experience in arts industry. Ismadi graduated from UiTM, Kuala Lumpur and obtained his Masters degree at De Monfort University, UK. The theme of his work is the relationship between humans and natures. Ismadi explore the process of paint, using the human form as a vehicle to create emotion. Life, death, change and time are predominant themes running through his works. Along with his feelings of a seemingly uncontrollable grasp that controls our destiny. Our knowledge and inspiration born from our mistakes and decisions, offers us both pleasure through our expression and uncontrollable frustration when our world is not created and shaped in the way we want it to be – helpless in our search for perfection. The expression of colours are very important to Ismadi. His works are accidental in the sense that he uses different techniques like scratching on the canvas, splashing of colours, quick strokes of the brush strokes, spontaneous brush flow and combinations of other techniques to produce on the artworks.

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