Jian Tan is a young Malaysian fine artist based in Melbourne.

He studied Fashion Design and Textiles at RMIT Brunswick, Melbourne, Australia in 2018-19 and is currently (2020) studying 2020 Creative Arts (3D Character Animation & Design) at CDW Studios, Adelaide Australia.

Since he was 4 years old, he would draw obsessively at home at his Grandmother’s tiny ground level condominium home in Kuala Lumpur. He was not allowed to play outside often, so he spent his time escaping through drawing. he would use superheroes as models, If a tiger was needed for the act, he would bend Spiderman down into four legs and pretend. This was what he spent a lot of his childhood doing, using what is available around him in a confined space.


COVID re-sparked his highly introverted tendencies which then led to revisit his same process of creating through ‘escaping within’.

To balance this mentality, he began to dive deeper into natural inspirations, he started to sketch daily from the natural forms that he was able to recognise from clouds which meant that he was also able to channel ideas from outside his head.

He used left over materials at home during lockdown such as acrylics, oils and enamel. He took inspiration from books about Van Gogh, Gustav Klimt and Pablo Piccasso.


An integral part of his creative process is to record real-life themes, "Escaping Within'' seeks to explore the themes of mental health, surrealism and isolation, further elaborating on the disconnection to his own reality & culture, which includes being homesick from Malaysia and the memories he had during Chinese New Year. He hope that others can relate to his story and therefore feel less alone as this year in particular was difficult for many.