Chow Chin Chuan

Chow Chin Chuan has skillfully transferred to canvas poignant scenes from yesteryears. The paintings almost always star the humble bicycle, a vital transportation during earlier days. Among the working class and the poor, it was also one of the few valuable possessions they owned. In his brilliantly precise way, Chow expressly shows how the bicycle is indispensable namely to the diligent, elderly shopkeeper who uses it to deliver sundry goods from a box trapped to the carrying rack. He has also chosen to compose it against such evocative scenes as a traditional barber trimming the hair of his customer in a back lane of the sinewy, hardworking hands of a man crouching in an old shirt and pants. Drawn with such clarity and accuracy, the nostalgic sights of bygone days seem to come alive in Chow’s paintings


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