Zaharin Mohammad

Born in 1972, his artistic experiences began in 1987 when he became a part time cartoonist for humor magazines such as Gila Gila, Gelihati & Batu Api. His skills in art were developing greatly during his studies in General Degree of Fine Art in UiTM Shah Alam (formerly known as ITM) in 1990 to 1994. His interest in abstract arts was started in 1992 and since then his paintings were sold with great response at local art exhibitions. Influenced by his lecturer, Awang Damit Ahmad and international artist Willem De Kooning, he focuses on Abstract Expressionism art movement. His subject are more on the earth topics, myths, loves, journey of life, ancient & primitive cultures. He transforms all these elements intohis private codings, adding with his personal expressions and insertion of the collective unconscious gestures on canvas. His most well-known favorite styles in his paintings are the existences of brilliant colours, multiple textures, dynamic lines and creative energy of gestures. Among his collectors are Bank Negara, Balai Senilukis Kedah, Public Bank Berhad, Kontena Nasional, HUKM Hospital and private collectors (international & locally).


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