Tank Gaik Hoon 

Born in 1970, Tan Gaik Hoon is one of Malaysia’s
established ne artists. Gaik Hoon’s work is known
to be unique and original as she is known to be one
of the few who uses watercolour splendidly and not
forgetting she uses acrylic as well. She graduated
from the Kuala Lumpur College of Art with a
Diploma in Fine Art in 1994. She is also a member of
the Malaysian Watercolour Society.
Gaik Hoon’s attention to detail is exceedingly
intricate and she will frequently “hide” small objects
in her paintings like kittens or birds. Her paintings
are a superbly genuine visual feast and give the
appearance of movement even when stationary or
even just hanging on a wall.
The more you look at her work, the more you notice
you are conjuring up sweet nostalgic whis of an
epoch of yesteryear. And you can certainly see and
appreciate the depth and level of skill involved as
well as the complete command the artist has over
her original and highly structured compositions.


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