Yuli Yap

Art has always been a major part of myself. I have been drawing since a very young age, from five years old actually. I am told any blank sheet of paper lying around would have been filled up with my doodles and drawings.
Drawing still provides me with endless pleasure.  It allows me to express my feelings and thoughts in a creative and positive way while doubling up as a way of keeping me out of mischief.  When I am drawing I can be occupied for hours, you wouldn’t know I am around.
After graduating from a course in graphic design I decided I wanted to pursue a career as an artist and undertook art lessons in acrylic from a Korean artist whose art I admired. Initially it was tough as he was old school uncompromising and we sometimes ‘fought’ but I am glad I preserved and learned some skills from him for which I am immensely grateful.
In my art I am inspired by an assortment of diverse influences ranging from Japanese culture (for e.g. katana-making, bonsai, tea ceremony, Samurai) to skateboarding and heavy metal among other things. Of the Japanese I admire their discipline and dedication to their craftsmanship and how that enables them to produce some of the loveliest and finest products around. I hope I will be instilled with some of their good values. I work with different mediums involving acrylics, pen and ink and  digital art

Yuli yap

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