Muhamad Effie Syafiq Jusoh

In the production of a artwork they must be are things to be conveyed for a painter. No matter what form of artwork produced even if only a piece of Kleenex facial moisturizer.For me, painting is a good deed even though there are some people who say he does not like making paintings. Painting is a hobby for me and of course it is a hobby ever since I was a child. After recognizing the existing art world, I try to dive more deeply until now.

My artwork this time titled "survive in their own house" leading element in the vicinity of a house in the close up. In this paper, I describe a piece of painting, wood walls, gift boxes, houses four terms and paper coming out than the slit wall. I was painting this is a devourer of my own heart and mind toward the beginning of a life. Starting from the house, of course we will not know anything outside the house if you do not see it. Therefore, it is better to know in advance before stepping out. A picture painted in the painting, its position there if it's a dream. The design of the square and people will know it's narrow although only seen from the outside. A packet of gift (donation) which hung small, appeared like it was not extremely necessary. I mean the story of this work to the generation Y, who I already belongs to them. Because I heard somebody say that this generationwill face a different life spans are very demanding in terms of all aspects.

Mohd effie

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