Marisa Ng

She spent the last two years learning about art, sketching the human figure, but find working with figures rather restrictive to my nature and discovered that i relate better to the freedom and spontaneity of the abstract spirit. Hence, her style of painting has evolved into abstract expression. It emphasises spontaneous, automatic and subconscious creation. She has been working with charcoal reminds her of the barks of trees on Kapas Island, the debris that washes up on its beach after a storm ... bitumen reminds her of the raw richness of Kapas.

Marisa begins a painting by creating the layers of under painting from those layers, can be seen accidental patterns, and from the patterns she construct the forms. As an artist, she treasure the ultimate freedom to visually express herself in the most authentic manner. The intention is to create works of art. It thrives on being able to create something from nothing. It take great pleasure in admiring her labour of love, having full freedom to play with thoughts. The excitement that comes with creating something special is powerfully moving.

Being an artist allows a lifestyle that favours creativity, impulsion and freedom, not a scheduled time to be creative.

Marisa R Ng

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