Johan Marjonid

Born in 1968, in Ayer Baloi, Pontian, Johor, Malaysia.Part-time Lecturer in several private art college, in Malaysia.FULL-TIME ARTIST (FINE ART). Johan Marjonid is one among a small number of realist naturalist painters in Malaysia. The number is so significantly small if compared to the dominating Abstract Expressionism, Conceptual Realism, or Figurative Libre that become parts of common menus for the citizens of metropolis in visual art genre of this decade, especially Kuala Lumpur. Though, if perceived thoroughly beyond the pictorial forms, we can see his works are rich with metaphors that consist of reflective contrast of typical landscapes of urban buildings are substituted by natural fibers and cores of rainforests. His works were picked for display at Balai Seni lukis Negara (National Art Gallery, Malaysia) major exhibitions such as Masterpieces from the Permanent Collection (Redza Piyadasa), 2001 and Warisan (Dr. Najib Dawa), 2003. Apart from that, he also involved with many special exhibitions, specifically themed on rainforests in local private and corporate galleries.


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