Dzul Afiq Zakaria

Dzul Afiq bin Zakaria is an artist with a graphic design background graduated from Curting University, Bachelor in Graphic Design and Advertising. An uprising Malaysian artist hails from Kuala Lumpur. An abstract expressionist which his works are colourful and truly captivating for one’s imagination . Dzul Afiq Zakaria has been actively painted since before and it goes even deeper when he enrol Master in Fine Arts at UiTM and then graduated with a success of Master Final  Showcase Award. Creating his signature vision with Abstract Expressionist style  of painting as a platform to voice out his view towards issues such as environmental, social, cultural, or humanity. When he paints abstract. The session are comparable, emerge by memories and feelings, each strokes, lines and colors were modeled by his own manisfestation. In silence, few words to adjust the movement , gestures of actions. The shapes and lines that make up the art to meld together and the different shades of color used to make the painting flow together to create a harmonies pattern or clash into violent frenzy with movement, dynamism, vibration, and energy with vibrant color as his voice that pregnant with meanings. Dzul Afiq had taken many parts in art exhibitions actively, collaboratively and individually in Malaysia. 


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