Yusof Ghani

Yusof Ghani was born in 1950. Yusof Ghani was awarded a scholarship to study at George Mason University, USA.  He graduated with a BFA in Graphic Art in 1981 and pursued his MFA in Fine Art at Catholic University in Washington in 1983. Before his American studies, he had worked as an artist-illustrator (Agriculture Ministry, 1967), an instructor (Fisheries Institute, Penang, 1971) and a graphic artist (RTM, 1977).  On his return, he lectured at the University MARA Institute of Technology.

Upon returning to Malaysia, Yusof continued to work with a series of collection called Tari (Dance), Topeng (Mask), Wayang (Theater), Hijau (Green), Segerak (A Movement), Biring (Fighting Cockerals), Wajah (Faces), and currently working on Ombak (Waves).

Currently, his mature works deals with contemporary issues concerning Malaysian society such as social issues regarding famine and injustice, the nation's history, distortions of Asian motifs and depiction of visual energy. Ghani was an Associate Professor at the Faculty of Art and Design, Universiti Teknologi MARA, Selangor, Malaysia. While at UiTM, He taught many young artists that became popular contemporary artists in Malaysia such as Yusri Sulaiman. He is currently represented by ESPI Fine Arts in Malaysia.

Yusof Ghani

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