Jasmine Cheong Liao Yun

Jasmine has alway love painting, and all hand made out of pieces are her favourites. She have been an easy-going personality and enjoying time to brew coming up with her thoughts and creative , she feels it if shes at her comfortable private space. Jasmine love the art of nature , she found children drawing are most primitive , simple and direct expression of art. So she have been exploring the art direction on the return of our inner creativities by through the painting to understand of her inner self and the outside world , etc., so that every creation of her has the life of inspiration. Jasmine work explores the inner state of the human mind that can be basically referred to as non-material, it opposed to our physical body and yet they work together as one. Inner state is spirituality, something intangible that related to our thinking and behavior that allows us to perceive. In general, well managed inner state enables us to be self-controlled and more aware of the surrounding and respond to it. She uses different mediums in her work including oil, ceramic, wood, found objects and readymade to explore the matter. The work used human figures, expression to revisit the forgotten inner state of mind. The languages of flower, found objects and readymade are embedded with intriguing meanings to be decoded.


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