Rizhar Arahim

The important thing that I picked up from my art journey and experience was that there are many levels to expression. It starts basic with being real, audible, legible, tangible, logical and intelligible so to speak. But the moment when you put passion into expression, it then explores other higher realms of beauty where you find ambiguity, subtlety, erratic, mystery , instinct, uncertainty, galactic, interstellar and innate experiences. The depths and possibilities are endless and this tells us something more about the vast spectrum of human thought and the visceral feeling that life accommodates . It is of utmost importance for me that the soul of the paintings is to speak to the public. Be it philosophies or just placed symbols or just a paint struck, it quickly introduces to the viewer the signature of the artist. Most of my creations and ideas stem from an amalgamation of various schools of thought. The intersection of science and art creates a special realm of wonder. Everything is that special wonder in between the moment you observe it. My transcendental love for art began

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